Get your first (or next) client on Upwork

(without all the overwhelm)

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I’ve been where you are before

You’re new to freelancing, maybe not too confident in your offer, and you keep hearing crickets each time you send a proposal…let’s change that.


Here’s the thing - while it does take time and effort to get started on Upwork, it doesn’t have to take you months to get your first client - neither do you have to waste all your connects in one go or get stuck charging $5/hour for years.

In this course, I’m teaching you all of the tips I’ve learned over my 9 years on Upwork


- including how to define your service, set up your profile, find the *right* jobs, and submit *great* proposals that won't get ignored 😉

By the end of this journey, you should be ready to go out and get a client as a freelancer

And honestly…that client alone should pay for your investment in this course

(I know my first client was around the

$50 mark)

Who am I?

Hey! I’m Sílvia, a social media manager and online educator from Portugal, and a lover of all things cats, Disney, and video games.

I'm super passionate about freelancing and the freedom of time and location that comes with it, but the best part is actually teaching others how to get started themselves.

I’ve been where you are, and am familiar with all the struggles you’re facing. I started from nothing (no degree, 0 work experience) and learned my way through, with the help of online courses - and, of course, lots and lots of PRACTICE!


So I can safely say - if I could do it, so can you! In fact, you’re even more likely to succeed (and faster!) because guess what? You have my help 😉

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In this course you’ll find:

course mockup (1).png

7 levels

(aka. modules)

20+ lessons

on a range of topics from profile creation, proposals, scams & more!

tons of resources

workbooks, helpful links, templates and more!

1:1 call

to review your content & ask Qs


 …all designed to take you from A to Z on your Upwork journey. 

 You have two options: 

Keep trying the freelancing thing through trial and error

(the long way)

Learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them yourself



(the shortcut)

…if you chose the latter, you can enroll today for as little as $67 (or $127 if you want to meet to review your content)

This course is for you if you're:


- A beginner freelancer in your first year

- New to freelancing or Upwork as a platform
- Looking for time and/or location freedom
- Eager to learn and put in the work
to succeed

…if this is you, I’d love to help!

This course is NOT for you if you're:


- An experienced Upworker with tons of clients 

- Just wanting to make some quick money
- Looking for overnight success (lol)
- Not willing to put in the work

…if that's you, feel free to leave!

Don't take it from me...

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