My name is Silvia

& I'm here to help you on your journey to freedom!

Are you A beginner VA

looking for your first client?

Or maybe you've been at it for a few months but lack a proper marketing strategy that'll get you recurring clients? 

I've been there,

now I wanna help you out!

I help beginner & aspiring vas 

market themselves on Instagram & Upwork so they can get more inboud clients & have more time for actual client work!

this program is for you:

Boss ladies looking to work from home on the side or full-time &

beginner VAs in their first year of biz who are:

  • Not sure what to offer or how to market their services

  • Looking to get more clients coming to them

this is not for you if:

You're not ready to invest in your biz

You're an established VA making consistent $1K+ months

Certain of your services & have a marketing strategy in place

I will help you:​

💕 Find your niche, ideal client & services

💕 Create an actionable marketing plan for IG & Upwork

💕 Stand out in your niche

💕 Find dream clients and seal the deal!

Wanna work 1:1

with me?

who am I to teach you?

I've been working as a freelancer for 7+ years,

been a Virtual Assistant for 5+ years,

and had over 100 jobs on Upwork alone.

Over time I've "cracked the code" to getting clients on Upwork,

eventually shifting my focus to Instagram,

and getting my first client there at 300 followers.

And YOU can do the same!

Ready to get to the next level

in your biz???

Apply for 1:1 coaching today!
(limited spots available)

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